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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bakkara – Samosir – North Sumatera – Indonesia

Bakkara is located in Samosir regency to be exact on the beach of toba lake. Bakkara have

beautiful panorama that related strong with tradition and Christian history in Batak Land.

Here can found tour place like as the village and monument Sisingamangaraja king, fresh air and water spring sitio-tio (Mual Sitio Tio).

The Village and Monument Sisingamangaraja King

Tombak Sulu-sulu is the place of Sisingamangaraja king born. This place have good panorama view that located in beach of Toba Lake that divide with two river, those are Aek Silang river and Aek Simangira river that empty into Onan Lobu.

In Onan Lobu place can found the Hariara Parjuaragatan and Stone Chair (Hundulan Batu) as the prove of the Sisingamangaraja king that build nearer to upper course and said as Lumbanraja, later.

Mual Sitio Tio

This place is located in Bakkara that relocated in one Pool. Mual Sitio Tio pool is very different with the other pool that found in North Sumatera. Why? Because if someone take a bathe here, can fill like push to up (like fly fill).

Mual Sitio Tio to exact in Siunong Julu village, not so far from the Sisingamangaraja king area.

The pool have area about 400 m2 have the clear water and can see the water flow out from the land on the few point. And here can found a tree that leave more than 100 years old, and the people said the name of the tree is “Ari Ara”, so very high tree may about 40 meters and diameter more than 2 meters. If take a bathe here, so many – many “pora-pora” fish will be come.


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